Alkaline ph body balance and wine

Even Tony Robbins is an advocate for drinking Kangen Water in this short video   This is my very favorite topic to talk about because it is so misunderstood. Here is the long and the short of it: 1 The body needs to be alkaline in …”   Having listened to what Tony has […]

ENAGIC Kangen Water

    Why is Enagic Kangen Water the best direct sales opportunity for entrepreneurs? There are dozens of reasons, but today I want to highlight three important ones that set Enagic apart from other health and wellness companies. Enagic’s 8 Point business model has been granted exclusive trademark status. Can any other direct selling organization […]

Top 5 Kangen Alkaline Water FACTS and Myths » Life Ionizers | Blog

What is Your Belief about Water ? “The health benefits of ionized alkaline water are based on science. “Kangen” is an alkaline water myth. Which do you trust your health with?…/alkaline-water-facts-and-myths/” ….. Click and Read more     The Earth’s oceans water exceed the land mass of the earth just like water makes up 70% […]

Heat Safety Awareness Day-Interview with Enagic Hydration Consultants

  Kangen Water is better for your health than tap water. " How long has Enagic been in business? Enagic team: is a 39 yrs old manufacturer for more than 7500 Japanese hospitals and a medical certified device in Japan – Enagic and Kangen® was individually recognized by the Japanese …"   With […]