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Welcome to this blog which has been created by Kangen Enagic International Distributor : Alison Chong ( Distributor ID : 1061319)

A  friend introduced me in December 2011 to the wellness secrets of Kangen Water. I have been interested in health solutions for some years ever since I discovered that I suffer from auto immune health challenges such as Arthritis, Fatty Liver, Sinus and Hormone Imbalance issues.

I realised that my lifestyle to-date has been slowly killing my internal organs because I hardly drink water instead soft drinks and sodas are my favourite drinks.  I also loved to eat red meat thus this combination can become lethal resulting in high acidity in my body. Our bodies were designed to be more on the alkaline side not acidic.

With the discovery of Kangen Water which is alkaline water, I decided it was time I took care of my body by drinking Kangen water as the salvation to all health issues now and the future.  Almost 99% of the world’s population does not realise that by not drinking the right type of water, we are slowly destroying our internal organs thus leading to various illnesses.

I love to share health solutions that do work with as many people that I meet in my travels and with those I encounter across the globe via the internet.  I am very excited on the prospect of sharing this vital knowledge that our bodies are crying out for water but people are unaware of this and also they must drink the Right kind of pure water which nourishes our organs and energises our bodies.

If you are interested to find out more, please complete the Form on your Right with your Name :   Email : Phone Number  including Country and State Code and you will receive a 16 page report which will share with you testimonies of users of kangen water; independent opinion from doctors and learn the amazing powers of Kangen Ionised Water.

You can contact me as follows:

SKYPE :         dragonac888

Email :           alison@kangenwatersingapore.com

Phone:          +65 97668057


DRINK KANGEN WATER                      CHANGE YOUR WATER                        AND CHANGE YOUR LIFE