Change Your Water Change Your Health

Dr Hiromi ShinyaQuote from Dr Hiromi Shinya , MD

Chief of the Surgical Endoscopy Unit, Beth Israel Medical Centre, USA

Clinical Professor of Surgery, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, USA


” Most of us don’t drink enough water. Our cells are 80% water, and I believe almost any physical problem can be improved by drinking good water. “

According to Dr Shinya by drinking good water our bodies will be supplied with water that help to flush out dirty water and improve the circulation of body fluids.  Good water is the the good body fluids flushing and eliminating dirty fluids from our cells.   So this is detoxification of the cells in the fastest and most harmless way.

Kangen Water is good water with the following 3 properties :

1.    Anti-oxidation – Negative ORP 

Kangen water is the simplest and most powerful anti-oxidant our body need to consume.  It contains a high concentration of hydrogen that eliminates free radicals, the number cause of inflammation, sickness and ageing.

2.    Alkalization – High Ph

By drinking Kangen water with pH 8.5 , 9.0 or 9.50 neutralizes our bodies acidity and restores our bodies healthy condition. Our bodies generally is designed to be about 7.35 pH level the optimum for good health. Most of us do not realise our bodies are highly acidic because of the amount of protein meat we eat and the sodas we drink every day.  Sickness thrive in acidic bodies.  Cancer loves acidic bodies

 3. Micro-clustering

Kangen Water contains smaller clusters of water molecules and allows for greater hydration and absorption by the body cells.

Below table illustrates the impact of the type of “water” we drink  

  pH ORP H2O Cluster
Pepsi 5.2 +542 Large
Coke 4.9 +421 Large
Sprite 3.5 +385 Large
Evian Water 8.0 +304 Large
Tap Water 7.2 +522 Large
Dasani Drinking water 4.9 +420 Large
Kangen Water 9.5 -450 Micro

If we desire good health we need to drink healthy good water.

CHANGE YOUR WATER                                        CHANGE YOUR HEALTH    

                                                      CHANGE YOUR LIFE 


Updated: February 19, 2012 — 11:20 am